Although I consider this to be everyday, technically it is the last Tuesday of January; which would make today the official National Plan for Vacation Day. YAY!

This day is the day where, Americans specifically, are encouraged to plan their time-off. According to, thousands of organizations join this annual and nationwide event for Americans to commit all of their PTO (paid time-off) for the year ahead and provide inspiration as they plan how to spend their holidays.

National Plan for Vacation Day 2021

The main aspect of this day to to highlight the importance of taking time-off to travel as this plays a large part in a persons overall health and wellbeing; check out my ‘8 Reasons Why Traveling is Good for Your Mental Health‘ post to see some of the major benefits of traveling.

Since 2015, the travel industry began tracking American vacation usage, which has continued to show that those days aren’t being used and in turn, negatively affecting health, relationships, and companies. The study also showed that those who plan and do take time off are happier and healthier.

Well, that I can attest to!

Apparently, an average of 33% of paid time-off was not spent last year. However, despite new restrictions and protocols, nearly 60% of paid time-off was used in 2020 for travel away from home!

While I didn’t go very far last year, I can tell you I used all of my vacation and I am certainly glad I did.

Here are a few vacation statistics for you (according to

  • Many Americans have even more paid time-off due to changes in the time-off policy
  • Nearly 8 in 10 (77%) American workers are extremely or very happy while on vacation
  • 84% of American workers are excited to plan a vacation in the next six months
  • 97% of survey respondents say “having a trip planned makes them happier”
  • How do they want to spend vacation time? Traveling
    • More than 9 in 10 (93%) say it is important to use their paid time-off to travel

While it may seem irrelevant to plan a vacation after the year we have had, but that is exactly why it is extremely important. We are slowly but surely getting back to our new “normal” and what is more normal than vacation? We need ease our minds and get our mental health back on track.

Go ahead, plan that trip! I know I am!

Where are you going first?

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