…for staying healthy while on the move!

I know, as I am sure most of you do, that it can be challenging to stick to your routine while on vacation. After all, isn’t vacation for relaxing and getting lost?

I enjoy long romantic walks down the airplane aisles.

If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.

But relaxing doesn’t mean being unhealthy and not doing what your “normal” day consists of. What it does mean, is doing what makes you happy. Think about it, what makes you happy while at home? Working out? Eating well? Rest? Exploring and finding new hidden gems?

For me, what makes me happy is living a healthy lifestyle while having fun too! Basically all of the things I just mentioned. I work out 3-5 times a week, I eat healthy 85% of the time, and I enjoy my champagne. I no longer enjoy the late nights of drinking and being hungover the next day. I no longer enjoy not doing simply what it is that makes me happy.

So, that is why no matter where I go, I like to keep some normalcy to what I am doing. That is how I live now. But my pre-health kick, whenever I would go somewhere, I would be like oh, I’m on vacation so you eat and drink whatever it is that you want and other than site seeing and walking, I wouldn’t put exercise into my vacations.

Now, not so much.

I can successfully say that during all my travels, living in Africa and Indonesia, I have yet to get sick. But that doesn’t count the times that I may have drank too much and been hungover! LOLOLOLOL!

All of the tips below, I do. I do while I’m home and I do while I’m traveling. Maybe I am getting too old but I can’t just switch up my routine. Plus, this is what makes me happy!

What to do while traveling:

As soon as your trip starts, AKA you just arrived at the airport, don’t binge and go overboard. If you have time, grab a drink and some food. But keep it to what you normally do. Don’t throw on the, there are no rules at the airport, hat! Oh, boy do I know how fun that can be!

Find a little market near where you are staying and get healthy snacks; always local! You know, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.

Drink lots of water, especially if it is a warm climate. Be mindful of where you are; Mexico, bottled water. Portugal, you can drink the tap. Ask an employee of where you are staying.

Bring comfortable walking shoes and tennis shoes. You will want to be doing a lot of site seeing and you will want to be comfortable! Get in a workout in the morning, whether it is in the gym where you are staying or a run down the beach.

When you eat out, which you will, try not to eat completely unhealthy. I get it, believe me. Bread come here. Cheese, you too! But, everything in moderation.

Get plenty of rest. Don’t sleep just 4 hours because you feel the need to stay up all night. Also, take breaks during the day while you’re getting lost.

Wash your hands and carry sanitizer.

Bring a travel pack of wipes. Wipe down the surfaces in the plane and carry them while out and about.

Bring vitamins, Emergen-C and airborne.

Don’t stress. Take the trip in strides. Even if a flight is delayed or your activity schedule doesn’t go exactly to plan. Simply do what makes you happy, as that is the most important. Have fun, duh!

Be you, do you, for you! Traveling is just an extension of your every day life, just with a change of scenery and more memories being made!

What are some things you do to keep “normal” while you’re traveling?


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