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What should I wear or not wear?

What to do or what not to do, how-to, that is always the question!

When I first started flying, like really long hauls, I used to try to be just cute and didn’t really take into account how many hours in a plane and in airports I would be spending. I would also think about my final destination and the weather there, but not in between.

I would also try and bring everything I thought I would need to keep me “entertained” on the flight and I would get so frustrated by having to shuffle everything around. The truth is, you don’t need half of what you think you do. Keep it to the basics; phone, charging cords, headphones with jack, pillow, mask, and maybe an iPad. The in-flight entertainment will be plenty to keep you entertained but having a back-up of already downloaded videos on your iPad won’t hurt.

SOOOOO….many years later and many many many flights around the globe, I have gotten my travel wear and traveling down! Does it include leggings and comfy shoes? Absolutely! Does it include looking chic and cute while walking, sitting, walking, and sitting some more? Um, definitely! Does it include just what I need and nothing more? You know it.

My personal style is chic, cute, and boho, with lots of gym gear in between; easy, functional, and confident!

Plus, you want to make sure you feel and look good because what you are wearing on the plane is what you’ll be wearing when you arrive at your hotel or where you will be spending your time while on vacation.

Now, I get to the airport about an hour before my flight and breeze through to the gate. It also helps to have Global Entry, which is $100 for five years and you get TSA pre-check with it! I honestly won’t travel without these things, ever!

What not to do:

Don’t wear light colors because there will be spills and trying to get that out in a little bathroom during the flight, well, that’s not possible.

Don’t wear anything tight or restricting (you want to be comfortable especially when you get a little swollen)

Don’t wear summer clothes even if you’re going to the tropics (that is why we layer)

Don’t wear too much makeup (greasy by the end is not the look you want)

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes (walking and comfort are what you need)

Don’t drink excessive alcohol or eat very salty foods (this will dehydrate you)

What to do:

Wear dark colors (won’t show spills as easily)

Layer and drape (it gets cold on the plane)

Do wear comfortable pants (leggings, joggers, yoga pants, jeggings, etc., and only an elastic waist)

Shoes that slip on and off and bring slippers / sandals to wear during the flight (my hard top Adidas are my go-to and a pair of flip flops)

Do wear a BB cream with a little tint and moisturizer (stay hydrated)

Bring dry shampoo, hairspray, deodorant, lip balm, and a couple bobby pins (trial size and keep them in your purse)

Drink lots of water (bring your reusable TSA approved bottle)

Do bring a pillow and silk eye mask (sleeping is essential, even though I don’t get much of it on flights)

Do bring headphones with a jack to watch the movies and shows available on the plane (you still need the jack to plug-in on the flights)

Get Global Entry (which includes TSA pre-check and is $100 every five years)

What are some do’s and don’t for you, when flying? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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