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Staying Safe As A Pedestrian – A Simple Guide

Staying Safe As A Pedestrian
Staying Safe As A Pedestrian
Staying Safe As A Pedestrian

When we travel, it’s important to remember that paying attention to the seemingly basic ‘safety necessities’ is always essential. After we’ve traveled a fair amount, it’s easy to relegate these measures to the back of your mind as something you ‘will of course follow’, but the truth is that anyone can get complacent, no matter how observant they are otherwise.

Staying safe as a pedestrian, wherever you are, is important. This is because pedestrian walkways are often in proximity to larger roads, which may or may not have stringent traffic laws in place. Of course, if you ever experience an issue, then utilizing the best pedestrian accident lawyer is surely your best and foremost port of call.

Before it gets to that though, it’s important to know how to protect yourself, particularly when traveling with friends and family. With that in mind, we felt it necessary to list some essential tips towards achieving exactly that. Without furher ado, let’s get started:

Understand The Basics Of Traffic Law

Staying Safe As A Pedestrian
Staying Safe As A Pedestrian

Depending on where you are, the traffic law may be different in small but noticeable ways. For instance, in some countries, identified lanes of traffic may be less important depending on what the road condition is. It might be, for instance, that several vehicles dodge and weave around one another, compounded by many mopeds and motorbikes, as well as more public carriages. 

In other areas, the side of the road you are required to drive on by law can differ. This may influence which way you look when crossing the road, from left, right, left, to the opposite direction. In some cases, an amber ‘warning light’ may not be present in the traffic light system, again adding a slight change to what you’re used to. Understanding the key differences before you begin walking in the public environment can be healthy, and save you from danger.

Wear Bright Clothes At Night

Staying Safe As A Pedestrian
Staying Safe As A Pedestrian

It’s important to wear bright clothes if out and about at night, not to a comical degree of course, but enough so that you’re noticed when walking at the side of the road or crossing it. This is generally important in most areas, but as we have limited clothing storage space in our luggage when abroad, it’s good to know that some of your outfits are a little lighter in tone and can denote that you’re present. It’s little details like this that will make the most of your safety, particularly if you’re visiting a relatively quiet area.

Cross Only At Marked Or Safe Platforms

Staying Safe As A Pedestrian
Staying Safe As A Pedestrian

It can be tough to figure out your way in an entirely new environment, that much is certain. Even a map of the area or referring to a Maps app on your phone may not give you all the answers. This is why, especially when it comes to interacting with the roads, doing your best to follow the ‘official markings’ is essential, even if that takes you to the long way around.

It’s just not worth trying to cross a large road or junction without lights to pause traffic, or without an official crossing platform. This can sometimes be known as jaywalking, and in some countries that is a punishable offense. If you’re unsure, ask another pedestrian more familiar with the area,

Remain Thoroughly Observant

Staying Safe As A Pedestrian
Staying Safe As A Pedestrian

It’s important to note that no matter how much preparation you do, if you’re not there in the moment, then you’ll be more at risk of harm than you need to be. Remaining thoroughly observant of your surroundings, especially in a new environment, is key. Don’t allow yourself to fill each ear with headphones to block out your sounds of the surrounding traffic. Try to pause your conversation when crossing the road, naturally if you can, and direct the person you’re walking with to keep a lookout.

Also – make sure that you keep an eye on given landmarks and signs so that you can more easily find your way around, without having to walk into dangerous areas, cross roads where you’re not supposed to, or fail to use the infrastructure carefully placed to help pedestrians. In the long run, this can help you become more familiar with an environment, and prevent the need for unnecessary injury, bad pathfinding, or putting others in harms way. Staying safe as a pedestrian is key, then, and requires a responsible approach.

With this advice, you’ll be able to achieve exactly that and more. When all the safety considerations have been attended to, you can enjoy the exploration and joy of walking more easily.

How do you stay safe while traveling?

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