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Luxury to me isn’t just about what is the most expensive or lavish, it is also about those one-of-a-kind experiences that leave you speechless.

That is exactly what the designers Daniel Charbonnier, Frank Riklin, and Patrick Riklin had in mind with they design their design The Zero Real Estate. Zero Real Estate is a range of hotel suites (with no roofs or walls) scattered around the stunning regions of Switzerland.

This project uses the same level of luxury in which all of their projects do. The Burst Suite at Zero Real Estate is set high above the gingerbread valley of Toggenburg, offering a breathtaking view of the Santis Range, followed by the Schwendi Suite, which overlooks the pristine lake of Schwendisee and the Stump Suite, which is set beneath the towering pine trees and the starry night sky.

You may be thinking, what about food?

Well, here you get your own butler. You will check-in at the nearby Hotel Alpenrose in which the butler then drives you through a lush green valley to where you secluded spot is for the night. You will be left with an organic meal basket, miles away from civilization.

These suites keep luxury and nature at the forefront and is ideal for a socially-distant stay while adhering to the rules of the pandemic.

Zero Real Estate

The suites are currently closed but you can click here and stay-up-to-date with their newsletter.


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