8 Must See Luxury Holiday Destinations for 2021

I am literally always thinking about traveling. Where I have been, where I want to go. The lessons I have learned. The wanderlust in my soul. The friends I have made along the way. The incredible architecture and white sandy beaches I have been in awe of. The cultures and history that has made me who I am today. Sometimes I wonder, what would like be like if I have never traveled?

Do you ever think about your life and if you have never traveled? Or, if you would never be able to travel again?

Ok no, let’s not think about that!

2020 has a been a year of “OMG’s, really’s and are you serious?!” every other minute! But, more importantly it has also been a year of reflection! It is all about perception, right?! I do know one thing is for sure and will always be for sure: I love to travel and I love to immerse myself in every destination that I go to.

However, as of late, my daydreaming has been revolving around dreamy luxury holidays in far away destinations.

The eight locations listed here are what dreams are made of and you surely don’t want to wait any longer for these experiences. I know I don’t!




The Exumas

New York City


French Polynesia


I have only been to two of them, so I certainly have a lot of traveling to do in 2021…which I am more than ok with!

Check out my post, must have luxury luggage to make sure you are on point for your trips!

What is first on your list?

5 Best Luxury Luggage Brands

Just like investment clothing, good luggage will take you places.


The older I have gotten and the more I refine my travel, I knew that it was time to spend the money and get a great quality luggage set; a carry-on, checked bag, a toiletry case, and a bag to keep with me to hold the important pieces (passport, money, tablet, etc.).

What first comes to mind when you think luxury: Louis Vuitton? Chanel? Ralph Lauren? Versace? What is it that these brands have in common? Quality! Yes, the price can be a bit steep, however, it will last you a life time which gives you a better return of investment instead of having to constantly throw out the cheaply made items and continually spend money on replacements.

While Louis Vuitton is on this list, the other’s you may not know so well but don’t let that fool you because their quality is second-to-none.

These are in no particular order, as each one has their own unique qualities and opinions are of course my own.


This distinctive luxury brand’s focus is fivefold: quality, durability, style, innovation, and customer service. The above mid-range prices include complimentary monogramming, onsite repairs, lost luggage tracking, and options such as the “add-a-bag” system, which makes it convenient to carry extra items. Tumi’s fashionable luggage and accessories are available in hard-side, fine leather, and abrasion-proof ballistic nylon. While the company has only been around since 1975, their astounding commitment to quality and sophistication keep them at the forefront of the premium luggage industry. Tumi designs luggage for every possible travel need and have truly thought of every scenario while you are on the road for business or pleasure.


A list of best luggage brands must include this luxury lifestyle brand. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill were past owners of Globe-Trotter luggage? I think that alone is the biggest endorsement one can get! The company was founded more than 100 years ago in Germany and moved to the U.K. where it is still located. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, the brand’s impeccable design creates a vintage look with fine leather straps and corner trim. Classic styling and luxurious materials that exude wealth and status, and cause you to immediately begin booking that luxurious trip you have had your eye on.

Louis Vuitton

Unmistakably recognizable for its unmistakable approach to modern luggage and it’s signature symbol, this valuable luxury brand has been paving the way since 1871 with high end craftsmanship and sophistication. LV features include a personalized monogram canvas, innovativtion, multi-colored designs, and four multi-directional wheels which twist and turn effortlessly. This luggage easily accommodates a large volume of belongings, while traveling silently and smoothly beside you. The new feminine colors of the leather have recently been injected with vibrant deep shades and match throughout each of its 18 piece bag construction. Teamed up with cosmetic pouches, this presents the ultimate travel companion for the very chic and luxurious lifestyle lovers.


In the 1930’s Richard Morszeck and his father started a suitcase production business in Germany and unfortunately, there was a devastating fire. However, there was one material that was saved and that was all of the aluminum! Foraging forward, they created the first ever aluminum suitcases which were super light and highly stable. They continue to grow as time went on, and today the luggage takes on a sleek “space age” European design, featuring its trademark “groove” structure, appealing to both men and women alike around the globe. Rimowa has continued to develop and now construct exceptionally high quality luggage made with polycarbonate, which is a molded plastic that is easily shaped and impact resistant.


Did you know they make more than pens? Swiss brand, Montblanc is a timeless brand for the classic, chic, and modern persona. The company’s luggage collection is no exception to its superb quality. The company was founded in 1906 with the vision of producing lifestyle companions to accompany you and generations to come, with the design and durability like no other. The luggage has lightweight Italian-crafted polycarbonate frames with leather detailing, Japanese-made ball-bearing wheels, and a German-engineered adjustable handlebar; all of the best worlds in one!

After you snag one or many, take a luxury vacation at one of these luxurious Anantara resorts around the world!

I think I will be going with Tumi but I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. Which brand do you love? Let me know in the comments!

Top 5 Luxury Hotels In Denver

When you think of Denver, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Mountains? Sports? Cannabis? I will assume that the word luxury wasn’t in the top five, but that is the past! The scenery in the greater metro area of Denver, especially in the culinary world, really started to change when Top Chef filmed their season in Colorado in 2017. This allowed people all across the nation to see what was happening here, culinary and socially, and business owners of social establishments found themselves taking on a new level of poise and refinement.

Denver, currently and well into the future, will continue to be an incredible city that offers both outdoor exploration and luxurious settings.

I do know this, for certain, that the five luxury hotels I have listed here are one-of-a-kind and a must stay! These are in no particular order of admiration, because each one has their own unique and exquisite story to tell.

Kimpton Hotel Born // 1600 Wewatta St, Denver, CO 80202

Modern, elegant, easy sophisticated luxury located right in the downtown Union Station and LoDo neighborhoods. Hotel Born is in a league of their own with an original art collection, sleek finishing’s, floor-to-ceiling windows in every guest room, two restaurants of impeccable caliber, an incredible wine bar, and a patio that over looks the train station at Union Station. Hotel Born is within walking distance to night life, performing art centers, restaurants, bars, and shopping. Also close by, is the Denver Milk Market which is a hip new block in the city that offers food stalls and retail spaces while offering relaxing spots throughout. Hotel Born was also rated one of the Best Hotels in Denver by Cande Nast Traveler, 2020 and U.S. News & World Report, 2020.

Find current COVID-19 information here

The Jacquard, Autograph Collection // 222 Milwaukee St, Denver, CO 80206

Jacquard’s sophistication meets exquisite urban in the upscale neighborhood of Cherry Creek. Shopping and dining are within walking as well as art galleries and jewelry boutiques. There is a rooftop pool with spectacular views of the Rockies and nighttime ambiance. The signature restaurant will have you eating delicious modern American or you can enjoy the rooftop bar that offers scrumptious small bites and handcrafted cocktails. The Jacquard’s guest rooms are custom, elegant, and are curated for your senses, with the notion that your stay will be one you will never forget. At Jacquard, you are never far from anything you desire with downtown only being 15 minutes away.

Find current COVID-19 updates here

Halycon Cherry Creek // 245 Columbine St, Denver, CO 80206

Halycon is also in Cherry Creek but the spin on this hotel is a little different. Instead of checking in at the lobby, you will check in at the Kitchen Counter where the host is there to prepare your accommodations and serve you with a complimentary glass of wine or espresso. Halycon wants you to feel like you’re home; games by the fire, a private cabana by the rooftop pool, or soak in a luxurious bath while overlooking the Rockies from your room. There are three dining spaces to choose from: Italian; a neighborhood feel dining atmosphere; or, the rooftop bar with light fares. There are a multitude of rooms to choose from but all offer the same experience; cozy elegance with a modern and welcoming take. Just outside of the restaurant you will find shopping, other dining options, art galleries, and jewelry boutiques. Cherry Creek is just a short 15 minute ride to downtown.

Find current COVID-19 updates here

Hotel Teatro // 1100 14th St, Denver, CO 80202

Don’t let the word “renovated landmark” stop you from staying here, because this is the epitome of doing renovations on a historical building correctly. Hotel Teatro is luxurious in a timeless fashion and once you step through the doors, you will feel like you have stepped into a new old-world feel. Hotel Teatro is located downtown, in the LoDo neighborhood, which is within walking distance to restaurants, shopping, bars, performing arts, and nightlife. The restaurant in Hotel Teatro is for dining and relaxing on decadent comfort food. There is also the study, which is open to the public, where you can sit with a cocktail in a cozy lounge setting. Hotel Teatro is pet-friendly as well, with no pet fee, and all of the amentias you can imagine. There are even Peloton bikes in the gym; IYKYK!

Find current COVID-19 updates here

The Ramble Hotel // 1280 25th Street, Denver, CO 80205

Think 17th French with cozy sophisticaton and unspoken elegance. The Ramble Hotel is located in the RiNo arts district area with easy access to restaurants, bars, nightlife, and shopping. Located here, is the first location outside of New York for the Death & Co. renowned cocktail institution that is perfect for that romantic date night or with a group of friends. There is also a Pan-Latin restaurant that serves most of it’s menu dim-sum style that is to die for! To top it off, stay here and you receive priority reservations at the establishments throughout the hotel, which is incredible. The rooms keep the same sophistication and high-class fashion styling as the rest of the hotel, with wide plank hickory flooring and antique Persian rugs added for the perfect amount of ambiance. There are double-wide walls and high-performance windows to minimize noises from inside and outside the hotel. The Ramble was named in Harper’s Bazaar in the “Where to Honeymoon 2020” section, as well as United Hemispheres “8 places to staycation” section.

Find COVID-19 updates here

I have spent time at each of them and honestly, I can’t pick one I love more than the other. All five of luxurious hotels have their own unique attributes. What I can say with the utmost confidence, is that no matter which location you pick, you will make memories to last a lifetime. You will also continue to come back to Denver, if you don’t immediately move here, to experience each hotel.

If you can’t make it to Denver, but are in need of an exotic escape, check out my last post on traveling lavishly and all of the incredible Anantara resorts around the globe!

I can’t wait to hear what your experiences when you get to vacation at these wonderful locations!

What do you think about these hotels, so far? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

Do you Travel Lavishly?

Anantara is the epitome of luxurious detail and when traveling to far away lands, look no further than Anantara Resorts and Spas.

Anantara is well-established with locations from Portugal to Indonesia, Mauritius to the Maldives, and everywhere in between; envision signature experiences in off-the-beaten paths draped in luxury. Not only does Anantara specialize in unique luxury, private jets are available to complete your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

During your stay in one of their exquisite locations, you can dine on exotic flavors and immerse yourself in serenity. You can dive with the manta rays and sleep among the elephants. If you have dreamt about far-off wanderlust, Anantara offers that. Lay by the pool and swim your cares away all day; stargaze in the Maldives; or, discover the treasures of Oman.


Current Anantara deals

Stay Longer Save up to 40% off at Anantara Veli Maldives Resort
Up to 35% off on total package value at The Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara
Stay Longer Save up to 30% off at Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort & Up to 30% discount at Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort
Advance Booking, Up to 25% discount at Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

Personally, they are all on my list but Portugal and the Maldives are next! You can find more on the Maldives, here!

Can’t wait to hear about your stay Anantara!

“Luxury is in each detail.” — Hubert de Givenchy

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