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Inspiration: Slow Travel 2021

I don’t know about you, but I love traveling through countries on a train; there is something just so magical about the experience.

Prior to 2020, I think we got so lost in needing to see everything that we could in the shortest amount of time, that we forgot that travel itself is meant to be savored and enjoyed, just like a fine wine.

Enter 2020! If this year has taught us anything, it is that we need to embrace what is in front of us, presently, and most of all bring this new found inspiration into 2021 with luxury and personalized train travel.

Honestly, I was hooked at luxury, personalized, and train.

Can I sign up for all five, now?

There are five new luxury train services, one for just about every part of the world, that you need to keep your eye on and book as soon as you are safely able!

Number 1: Rocky Mountaineer

There are four distinct routes, with each one giving you spectacular views and endless luxury. These trains offer something unique; glass-dome coaches with views that will leave you speechless. There is something for everyone, with varying lengths and amenities available. There are two levels of service, Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf, which will allow you to have the holiday that is tailored to you. As well as, they are currently offering an enhanced flexibility booking, in which you can find out more here. This train is also unique in that you travel through the day to allow you to see all that the Rockies have to offer and you sleep in a hotel at night; the best of both worlds.

Rocky Mountains

Number 2: Grand Canyon Railway (Private Charter)

While there is only one route through the Grand Canyon, this railway that is all you need. You have the option of selecting a vacation package for you length of the trip that allows you to have your own private car, or simply train tickets for a day excursion with five available options of seating classes. You will start and end your trip at the Williams Depot, which is on the legendary Route 66 and the excursion will take you to the Grand Canyon Depot. While at the Grand Canyon, there are a lot of tours and activities available.

Grand Canyon

Number 3: 36+3 in Kyushu

This train is brand new, with the grand opening that happened in October 2020. This train is a 5-day excursion that runs the entirety of the island which options for shorter day trips available. This train is a revamped electric train and is named 36+3 because Kyushu is the 36th largest island in the world and the “plus 3” represents the three emotions that passengers will experience when they travel on this train: wonder, inspiration, and happiness. You will be pampered in just a way that you will experience all three emotions, and more.

Side not: have you ever heard of the Sika deer? This island is one of the islands that these deer roam free; it is quite spectacular.


Number 4: Slow Travel Safari

This train is a new take on the safari, which is a 12-day luxury river and rail that takes you through South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. Not only does this train allow you to slow-down and enjoy, this trip also allows you to be more mindful while significantly lowering the carbon-footprint in the process. The journey begins in Cape Town with a sunset and guided-tour of the winelands. You will then board the train in Pretoria and your luxurious expedition begins, as well as there is a 3-day luxury river cruise included in this holiday. Nothing was spared when this train safari was created and the pampering will have you never wanting to leave.

Victoria Falls

Number 5: Golden Eagle Luxury Trains

Golden Eagle offers exclusive rail journeys through Russia, Europe, Central Asia and China, where first-class meets spectacular views an an unforgettable experience. These journeys give you an inside view of history in a luxurious way that makes you feel like you are living at that time. The trains vary from 7 days to 26 days with every type of journey available, with all-inclusive dining experience and 5-star hotel stays at the train stop locations; you will be on an unforgettable guided journey.

Silk Road

Which one do you want to take first?

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