Do you find yourself looking at Pinterest and saying things like ‘ohhhhh, this is so beautiful but there is no way I can afford that?!’ I do it all the time so I assume others do too, right?

A few of my favorite things

I think we are quick to dismiss the idea of getting our homes (the place we spend the majority of our time especially since it’s 2020) to be a representation of our dreams due to the financial dread of having to spend a fortune on a remodel. I know all too well how expensive remodeling can be, as well as how it can hinder our leaping into the unknown.

However, there are simple changes you can make for that modern feel without having to break the bank, as they say.

Here are 9 easy ways to make your home have that wow magazine factor while staying in your budget!

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Choose Reflective Surfaces

Oversized mirror

Mirrors can make or break a space; pay attention to the frame and go oversized. Also place strategically with lighting playing an essential role.

Fresh Flowers

Scatter bouquets and single flowers throughout the living room for a warm invitation.


Tall plants and shrubs bring in that outside nature element that makes everyone feel at home. What about a green wall?

Plush, Plush, Plush

Textiles that are soft to the touch: rug, pillows, throws, velvet couch, etc. that scream hold me! You know what I’m talking about!

Be Cohesive

While this palette doesn’t have to “match” the rest of the house, it does have to “go.” Start with modern neutrals on the walls, with one accent wall that gives you a pop. Then decorate with all of the plush textiles to intertwine.

Metallic Finishes

This will get that extra pop that you are going for. Keep in mind: do you have silver, gold, or rose gold throughout your place? Or, maybe your finishes are brass so you go for gold and rose gold (I would). Don’t mix the silvers and golds; you wouldn’t with your jewelry, would you?


Find prints on Etsy. Go to TJ and Marshalls. Check Amazon. You can even get the items printed at Office Depot, get a cheap frame and then spray paint to go with your esthetic. Just make sure that the artwork conveys your love of warm, inviting spaces that have you wanting to gather around for hours.

Lamps and Chandeliers

Go to antique malls, estate sales, and flea markets to find chandeliers and lamps that you love, that are cheap. Spray paint them to get that lux look you’re going for.

Once you’re done decorating, check out my post on 30 things to do while on self-quarantine!

What do you think? Simple enough, right?

Can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts!

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