How to: Fall Carry-On

We’ve all been there: OHHHH, I’m going on vacation so let me take things I haven’t worn in months!

Yes, I too was once this person. Now, I am the queen of ‘let me take as little as possible so I can either buy more souvenirs, or well, buy more souvenirs!’ I mean, who doesn’t love all the things while on vacation?!

Carry-ons aren’t just for flights; staycations, road trips, AirBnB weekends, and train rides. Get creative. Get out there. Explore. Be safe.

No matter what the season, stick to the basics that you love and then tailor to that specific trip with items that can be dressed up or down.

I’m sure you’re thinking, what about sleep or travel wear? Oh, I haven’t forgotten! See those leggings and that tank: sleep in that or layer it with the bomber and the Adidas to travel in!

Casual outfit ideas

Leggings, black tank, bomber jacket, and Adidas

Jeans, light gray off the shoulder tunic, and knee highs

Leggings, light gray twist tunic, and Adidas

Leggings, tank top, poncho, and Adidas

Jeans, tank top, bomber, and knee highs

Dressy outfit ideas

Leggings, light gray off the shoulder tunic, and thigh high boots

Jeans, tank, throw, and thigh high boots

Leggings, poncho, and thigh highs

Jeans, tank, bomber, and thigh highs

Be you! Your style is yours…own it!

Did you know that Packing what you need in one suitcase, reduces your footprint…don’t you agree?! Find out more ways to be a responsible traveler, here!

One more tip: I always bring a pair of workout pants, a sports bra, and my tennis shoes because you definitely don’t want to skip your workout or that great hike where you are vacationing!

Up next, how to pack a carry-on for Fall (with some of those bulky items, like boots)!

What is a carry-on tip you can’t live without?

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