Europe: The 10 Safest, Socially Distanced Beaches to Visit Now

Oh Europe, how I love thee!

Now that we are rounding the curve, closer than ever before, to being post-lockdown, it is time to start planning our much needed European beach vacations!

If you’re an American citizen, check here to find out which countries are now open for US tourists.
You can find an extensive list here which outlines each country and their re-opening procedures.
Plan Your Vacation
Plan Your Vacation

However, while we get back to “our new normal” we should be mindful of one another and continue to be safe and socially distanced.

The 10 Safest, Socially Distanced Beaches to Visit Now, Europe
The 10 Safest, Socially Distanced Beaches to Visit Now

Who’s ready to head to Europe, to be on the best beaches while socially distanced and off-the-beaten-path?

10. Binz Beach, Binz, Rugen Island, Germany
Binz Beach, Binz, Rugen Island, Germany, Europe
Binz Beach, Binz, Rugen Island, Germany

This beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful and longest along Germany’s Baltic coast. As you know, German is one of the countries least affected by coronavirus, with this area having even less than others.

This island is perfect for nature lovers and has one of the best known resorts.

  • Borders open June 15th
  • International flights for tourism resume July 1st with no quarantine requested
9. Nida Beach, Nida, Lithuania
Nida Beach, Nida, Lithuania, Europe
Nida Beach, Nida, Lithuania

With more than 100 kilometers of find sand make Lithuania a favorite for Germans as well. The ocean is lined by dunes and and forest, with water sports and a cycle path available.

This is a unique place in Europe, as it is ideal to disconnect from social networks and reconnect with nature. Lithuania has also been one of the least affected European countries.

  • Tourist season should restart July 1st
8. Jurmala Beach, Latvia
Jurmala Beach, Latvia, Europe
Jurmala Beach, Latvia

Jurmala has been labeled “EDEN” by the European Commission to reward the best sustainable tourism destinations in Europe; this is one of 90 sustainable tourism destinations.

There are 33 kilometers of find, pure sand and Latvia has been 60 times less affected by the Coronavirus than other European countries.

  • Re-opening to travelers on July 1st
7. Meia Praia, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal
Meia Praia, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal, Europe
Meia Praia, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Lagos has a wonderful historic center full of shops, bars, cafes, fruit and fish markets, and most importantly, magnificent beaches. I’m sure you remember, from earlier, when it was mentioned that Portugal (especially the Algarve region) is one of the regions least affected by the Coronavirus. As well as, Lagos is one of the least affected towns in the Algarve.

The largest beach in Lagos is Meia Praia with five kilometers of golden sand.

  • Re-opinging to travelers and the full-tourist season, as is the rest of Portugal, on July 1st
  • No quarantine is requested
6. Riviera Bay Beach, Malta
Riviera Bay Beach, Malta, Europe
Riviera Bay Beach, Malta

Malta has been hit even less with Coronavirus that Greece or Portugal, with up to 55 times fewer cases than other European countries.

While relaxing, dive into the Mediterranean waters and discover the treasures and riches of one of the most beautiful destinations. If you’re looking for a smaller island with more accommodations for nature lovers, hikers, or scuba divers, try Gozo.

  • Re-opening to travelers on July 1st
5. Halikounas Beach, Corfu, Greece
Halikounas Beach, Corfu, Greece, Europe
Halikounas Beach, Corfu, Greece

Local myth says that this island has been “blessed by the gods” as it is one of the greenest with exception flora and fauna.

As you know, Greece is one of the safest destinations in Europe. The Greek government is also taking specific measures for safe vacationing.

  • International flights resume July 1st with no quarantine requested
4. Porto Santo, Madeira Islands, Portugal
Porto Santo, Madeira Islands, Portugal, Europe
Porto Santo, Madeira Islands, Portugal

Madeira is an archipelago made up of several islands, with Madeira being the main island. These golden sandy beaches are world-famous, in particular for their therapeutic virtues of the sand known as “psammotherapy” (hot sands).

The spas in Porto Santo alternate seawater treatments and warm-sand treatments.

  • Open to all travelers on July 1st
3. Hel Peninsula, Poland
Hel Peninsula, Poland, Europe
Hel Peninsula, Poland

Just like Portugal and Greece, Poland is among the European countries least affected by coronavirus.

To get here, fly into Gdanks and renta car to drive to Hel Peninsula. The beach here is 35 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide. It has been recommended that you rent a bike to discover all of the beauty of the peninsula.

  • Polish borders will open to travelers from June 13th without quarantine
2. Comporta, Alentejo, Portugal
Comporta, Alentejo, Portuagal, Europe
Comporta, Alentejo, Portuagal

Fun fact: Until recently, Madonna would ride her horse here on Sunday mornings and enjoy the tranquility of its 20 kilometers of the sandy coast.

This region of Portugal, Alentejo, is one of the regions that is least affected by the Coronavirus in Europe.

  • Most hotels open on June 15th
  • The rest will open July 1st with no quarantine requested
1. Preveza, Greece
Monolithi Beach, Preveza, Europe
Monolithi Beach, Preveza

Fact: Greece is one of the European countries least affected by the coronavirus and has put the necessary safety measures into place for hotels, shops and restaurants.

Preveza is on the northwestern side of the country at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf. The main beach is Monolithi beach, which is 22 kilometers long and up to 80 meters wide; this is also Europe’s longest beach.

  • As of July 1st, no quarantine requested with all hotels and shops reopening

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Where are you off to first?


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