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My FAQ’s as a Luxury Travel Blogger


My FAQ's as a Luxury Travel Blogger
My FAQ’s as a Luxury Travel Blogger

What is the biggest challenge for me when living in a foreign country?

    • I would have to say, socializing
      • i.e., making friends, outings, dinner parties, etc.
    • However, now with the power of social media, this is done now in a way it wasn’t previously say 10+ years ago
      • For example, when I lived in Nigeria, Facebook didn’t exist
      • Luckily, I was able to join the friends and families of my father’s colleagues which enabled me to volunteer at the American International School and create a group of friends
    • Certainly now, it is much easier to connect with people where you are but no matter what, you have to be willing to put yourself out there
      • Which can absolutely be a scary part; believe me, I know
        • If you don’t get out of your comfort zone, you will never get to truly experience life

What inspires my choice of location and journey?

    • There are two things that inspire me
      • My love of the beach and anything water related
      • Hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations
    • While I love traveling anywhere, especially a place I have  never been to before, those two things are at the forefront when I begin researching where I want to go next
    • With that said, I love luxury travel (the accommodations, the experiences, the tailored-to-suit-me vibes) but luxury doesn’t have the same meaning today that it did 20 years ago
    • Luxury travel means the experience that is tailored to you – what does luxury mean to you?
      • If you were going to plan a luxury vacation, what would that look like for you?
    • I truly believe that everyone, and I mean everyone, can have the vacation or excursion of their lifetime, no matter where they come from
      • It takes some doing, but there is nothing stopping you from living the life you want and seeing everything you have ever dreamed of

I am originally from California; what made me move to Nigeria?

    • Before Nigeria, I moved to Texas after my freshman year of high school
      • My father was in oil so we moved around a bit
    • I spent about 20 years in Houston before going to Nigeria for a year
      • During my year in Nigeria, I was was a volunteer teacher
      • I spent my off-time exploring and being as social as possible
    • After Nigeria, I went back to Houston for about 10 years
    • In 2013 I moved to Indonesia for a year to teach English as a Second Language
    • I currently live in Denver, but will spreading my wings to a new location soon

What have I discovered about myself through travel that I would probably not discover otherwise?

    • This is definitely an in depth question but the biggest discovery I made about myself is finding out just how capable I am
      • I literally can do anything I put my mind to
    • I remember the first time I arrived in Nigeria; the culture shock was overwhelming, but not for the reason you may think
      • The first thing that took me by surprise, was the lack of order in the airport
      • There were no lines; everyone just was in this funnel and fighting their way to the front of the line
      • This would also prove to be true everywhere you would go in Nigeria
      • The second thing that overwhelmed me, was that honestly, I was now the minority
        • There were a hand-full of white foreigners among a sea of Nigerians
        • This really puts things into perspective and changes your way of thinking
          • But it changes for the better
          • You become more self aware and more open-minded
My FAQs as a Luxury Travel Blogger
My FAQs as a Luxury Travel Blogger

Biggest challenges as a solo female traveler

    • I have always been very independent.
      • But, solo travel has a way of making you face challenges or thoughts that you previously held
        • Eating alone, sightseeing alone, going back to your accommodations alone
    • While I like my alone time, I will admit that sometimes solo travel can be lonely
      • But, that is when you actually find yourself
    • These challenges allow you to truly understand what you like, what you don’t like, and how to allow yourself to have the best experience possible
    • I love solo travel; it forces you to think outside of the box, to come to the conclusion that you are living your best life, and that you will no longer wait around until someone can travel with you
    • I truly believe that everyone should travel solo at least a handful of times in their life
      • To go near and far, to understand their truth because it will allow you to start living the life you were meant to

How do I fund my travels

    • I work a 9-5 in investment real estate as well as blogging and content creating full-time
    • Other than that, I have been fortunate to come from a family with financial means who have supported my wanderlust and still do to this day
    • While I am not a travel agent, I do love planning vacations and excursions for others. If you would like me to do so, with all budgets in mind, please email me at or DM me on Instagram @myrestingbeachface

3 favorite destinations and why

    • All three of these locations have something in common; the way you feel when you are there
      • Portugal
        • What first grabbed my heart when I went to Portugal was the immaculate beaches, the feeling in the air and the amazing people
        • Next, it was the art and architecture, the food and house wine, the music and the site-seeing
      • Indonesia
        • Indonesia, the same as Portugal
        • However, having lived in Indonesia (in a small town on the East Kalimantan Island) I was able to see a different side of Indonesia other than just Bali – the Indonesia that people are used to talking about
        • While I went to Bali and it is incredible, there are other places here that people need to see
          • There are a chain of islands off the coast of Bali that no motorized cars are allowed
          • There is an island off the north east coast of Kalimantan where you can swim with stingless jellyfish and manta rays
          • If you do go to Bali, go to the North and West coasts to get that true spiritual experience that Bali can give you
      • Italy
        • I am of Italian and Sicilian heritage, so Italy will always have my heart
        • But something happens when you go there
        • Just like Portugal, the people are open and welcoming and want to embrace you
        • The food, the sites, the coastline, the wine, the history and art; it is all spectacular
        • In all of these places, I recommend seeking out the hidden gems; I guarantee, it will be worth it

Top 5 travel must haves

Follow your dreams; chase the opulent road less traveled.

XOXO, Jaclyn
XOXO, Jaclyn



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