Hotel Palácio Estoril, Lisbon

HI! My name is Jaclyn and I am a lifestyle and travel blogger who is always game for a new adventure, especially if it involves a destination in a tropical part of the globe!

My love of travel stems from having the opportunity to live internationally and befriending amazing individuals from many different cultures who have inspired me to see the world. When I am not blogging about my travels, developing my makeup line (launching soon!), trying a new workout, concocting delicious healthy recipes, or spending time with my family.

I am unapologetically proud of my vivacious curves, my deep love for animals, and my taste for the finer things which happen to include champagne and bourbon. I try to approach life with a wondrous sense of adventure and wanderlust and I want to inspire others to see the world through my eyes in the hopes others will feel inspired to go and see the world for themselves!

My travel passions really started in 2003 when I moved to Lagos, Nigeria with my father who was transferred for work; he was in oil. I originally went just to vacation and experience Africa. However, I loved it so much I stayed for about a year. I volunteered at the American International School, I went to the local markets, I met the locals and other expatriates living there, and I frequented the local restaurants and cafe’s. We would go to the beach every Sunday and rent a hut, where the local boys would BBQ our food, bring us beer and cut up fresh coconuts for us; we would pay them, of course.

I went to Southern Nigeria for New Years Eve, where we rented these Chalet’s and swam in a river that was so crystal clear you weren’t quite sure it was real. I even rode a horse on a beach on Christmas Day. Although it has been almost 20 years and WOW that is crazy to say, these are memories that I will always remember.

After Nigeria, I went back to Houston, Texas where I worked as an office manager and relief dispatcher for a police department. During my time there, I got my Global Business Management degree.

Unfortunately, after about seven years with the police department, there were budget cuts and a handful of us were let go. Even though I was there that amount of time, I was still a rookie. It was actually a blessing in disguise.

I then got my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. Applied for English teaching positions, mainly in SE Asia. Got a position in Indonesia and took off for a year. I did’t know anyone. What I did know is that I wanted to travel and I needed to be paid for it.

I met some incredible people along the way and people I am still friends with. I traveled through Indonesia and Singapore (sooooo much more of SE Asia to see) and I can’t wait to go back!

After moving back from Indonesia, I went back to Houston for about another year. I then moved to Denver, Colorado as my parents had been transferred here; they were both diagnosed with cancer.

Don’t worry, they are fine! While here, I worked for a non-profit but eventually found my calling as a 1031 Exchange Specialist (IRS tax code for investment real estate).

I have been in Denver since 2015 and I am looking forward to living in other parts of the globe, again soon.

I have spent my years seeing things that I couldn’t of imagined of ever having the opportunity to do so. That is one thing I absolutely love about traveling; getting lost! I love stumbling across items or adventures that I wouldn’t of otherwise experienced all because I followed the “tourists” or only stuck to the “maps” that say where to go.

My passion for traveling has turned into a love of helping others find their traveling ways. I truly believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful experiences wherever they go and if I can help just one beautiful soul do that, I will have done my job!

I want everyone to know that lux is a state of mind and traveling is a for everyone!

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