I am (fairly) new to the blogging world, and if you’re anything like me, you are probably feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information out there.

I have a 9-5, which I do enjoy in investment real estate but there is and has been that little voice in the back of my mind to be my own boss. I want to do what absolutely fills my soul and brings me utter happiness which is being able to write and document my travels.

I finally found the momentum and said to myself one day, “I want to be a full-time travel blogger who makes a living traveling the world while being a source of inspiration and knowledge for my followers!

What I needed was a guide to walk me through what I needed to do, what I must do, and what I definitely shouldn’t do. Well, you want to talk about timing; here it is! 

I had heard about LadyBossBlogger and had done some research into taking their ‘How to Start a Money Making Blog‘ course, but for whatever reason, I never pulled the trigger. Maybe I just wasn’t ready at that time. Who knows but there is no time like the present! 

I can tell you this: if you are wanting to move forward but aren’t sure where to start, definitely take one of Elaine Rau’s courses!

Currently, I am about halfway through the course and the knowledge I am gaining is priceless. 

My Key Takeaways So Far:

  1. “Blogging isn’t something you can fail at, it is what you make of it” – Elaine Rau.
  2. Your “why” plays a crucial role in your blogging career.
  3. Working on your blog must be a crucial part of your everyday life if you want to become a full-time blogger.
  4. Email, email, email!
  5. Having a niche and why that is important.
  6. Defining your target audience.
  7. Blogging isn’t just about what you write, half the battle happens off the blog.
  8. Having an editorial calendar is key!

While I thought I knew what it would take to be successful, I was wrong. I knew some of the information but what I have taken away, only halfway through the course, is exponential. Two main points: emails and calendars are crucial!

I knew the minute I started the course that this was going to play a pivotal role in my blogging future, because the education and information here is priceless. Elaine Rau lays out, step-by-step, how to be successful and gives you her story on how she came to be the successful blogger she is today!

How much does it cost?

Prices are subject to change and there are different payment options, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee! But if you’re really serious about launching a successful blog and becoming an influencer who actually makes money, then they’re 100% worth it. 

If you’d like to try the LadyBossBlogger course at a significantly reduced rate, you can use my code JACLYNKAISER at checkout for a 40% discount.

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22 replies on “8 things I have learned so far from LadyBossBlogger

  1. Oh, Darling!!! This is great, You know, I’m new in this world and something makes me a little crazy but with your tips will be better the work in my blog. Thanks for share 🙂

    1. Of course! There is a lot of info out there, so sharing what’s definitely useful was a must!

  2. I’ve been thinking of doing a course when I can afford it! Thanks for the information and feedback girl! Ill make a note ♥️

    1. You definitely should! I have a discount code which saves you 40% and she offers different payment plans. If you want to make blogging your full-time gig, I highly recommend it! She has some free basics too!

  3. Starting a blog is so hard! Thanks for these tips! I dream of being a travel blogger on my own terms too.

    1. You’re welcome! Yes, doing this on your own terms is the way and being given the basics (that work) is essential!

  4. I am new at blogging too and I also work almost full time at another job. It can be very stressful at times but I do really hope one day my blog will turn into my job.

    1. Yes, it can be but you need to remember your why! When I first started I was so overwhelmed, but with time, you get into your rhythm and it all starts to flow!

  5. Thanks for your tips, I’m new at blogging, your tips are going to help me a lot.

  6. I have learned so much from blogging for a year now and all of the things you mentioned are key. Great post!

  7. annaelleliz says:

    I’m almost one year in and still feel lost sometimes, lol! I think you’re always going to be learning and changing your tactics as you grow!

  8. Great post! I’ve never heard of LadyBossBlogger before. I’ll check it out!

    1. Definitely do! There’s a discount code as well as some free resources at the bottom of my post 💕

  9. I recently took the Influencer course and loved it! The blog one is next on my list.

    1. You definitely should, since you already know! There’s a discount code in my post 💕

  10. lekhachellani6gmailcom says:

    That’s a nice way of looking at it and documenting your journey!

    1. Seeing where you started and how far you’ve come, even if you aren’t where you thought you be, plays an essential role in your process!

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