8 Must See Luxury Holiday Destinations for 2021

I am literally always thinking about traveling. Where I have been, where I want to go. The lessons I have learned. The wanderlust in my soul. The friends I have made along the way. The incredible architecture and white sandy beaches I have been in awe of. The cultures and history that has made me who I am today. Sometimes I wonder, what would like be like if I have never traveled?

These 8 must see luxury holiday destinations for 2021 will make you want to book that trip and leave, tomorrow!

Do you ever think about your life and if you have never traveled? Or, if you would never be able to travel again?

Ok no, let’s not think about that!

2020 was a year of “OMG’s, really’s and are you serious?!” every other minute! But, more importantly it was a year of reflection! It is all about perception, right?! I do know one thing is for sure and will always be for sure: I love to travel and I love to immerse myself in every destination that I go to.

However, as of late, my daydreaming has been revolving around dreamy luxury holidays in far away destinations and these 8 must see luxury holiday destinations for 2021 are sure to check off all of your boxes!

The eight locations listed here are what dreams are made of and you surely don’t want to wait any longer for these experiences. I know I don’t!


Italy, Europe
Italy, Europe


Japan, Southeast Asia
Japan, Southeast Asia


Paris, France, Europe
Paris, France, Europe

The Exumas

The Exumas, Bahamas, Caribbean
The Exumas, Bahamas, Caribbean

New York City

New York City, United States
New York City, New York, United States


Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

French Polynesia

French Polynesia, South Pacific
French Polynesia, Souht Pacific


Greece, Europe
Greece, Europe

I have only been to two of them, so I certainly have a lot of traveling to do in 2021…which I am more than ok with!

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What is first on your list?

29 thoughts on “8 Must See Luxury Holiday Destinations for 2021

  1. I’m going to vote for The Exumas… I’ve been to most of the other destinations, especially Dubai, which I’ve been to frequently. Thank you for the recommendations I think it’s food for thought for when we can travel again!

  2. I’ve been to five of them and can safely say they are all awesome. NYC and Paris are definitely in my top 5 favourite places.

  3. Travel seems really unachievable at the moment so I loved reading about these amazing places. Fantasy!

    1. I know what you mean! But I have to keep my spirits up and keep on dreaming for the day we get back to it!

    1. Yes, I can’t wait to go to Japan! Hopefully next year! Oh that’s awesome! Which is your favorite between Paris and Greece?

  4. Ah so many great destinations! I miss travel so much!! NYC has been on my ‘to return to’ list for years! Maybe 2021 will be the year if circumstances improve!

  5. I love NYC, Paris, Italy and Japan! I definitely want to get to more of these destinations this upcoming year. 🙂

  6. Italy is first on my hit list when things are settled down a bit. The country that has definitely stolen my heart.

  7. Italy stole my heart. I need to return ASAP!

  8. Travel has been really missed this year. I’m very grateful that we got to go to Crete in October 2019, it was a fabulous break away and a beautiful part of the world. I would love to visit all the other places you’ve mentioned!

  9. I’d love to go to French Polynesia, you can apparently get there by the trade winds and I met a guy who was doing just that.

  10. I can’t wait until we can travel again! This has helped me with my travel bucket list i’m working on – Italy and French Polynesia look amazing.

  11. Amazing destinations! Hoping the pandemic could end really soon so we could have a visit!

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