These times are hard and Lord knows this is new ground for most of us. However, it more vital than ever that we remain positive, don’t panic, do our research, and stay prepared. We also need to use this time for our positive outlets and working towards a better tomorrow.

Instead of JUST drinking, eating, sleeping, and binge watching our sorrows away, do the opposite. Do a work out at home or go for a walk. Read a book or do a puzzle. Start that blog or online graphic store. Heck, write a book.

Do what makes you happy and most importantly, keeps you grounded!

I have shared a lot lately about how I have been on a journey of being the best version of myself, that I can be, and every day I do something that makes me better than I was yesterday and brings me one step closer to my goals.

Just because we are “stuck inside” doesn’t mean we can’t continue to make ourselves better. That we have to completely lose what we want in this life. It is actually quite the opposite. These are the times that we have nothing but TIME to not only have fun, but to go after all of those things that we have been putting off.

If you love photography, go for a walk and take some wonderful photos. Edit them with some one of the many apps available and post it. Or, put together a PDF book of your most favorite pictures in your phone.

If you are still able to work, do something at work that will better the future of the company. I am simultaneously working on a marketing outline for a series of podcasts on 1031 exchanges that my company will be doing with a partner organization, as well as working on my blog and other things to better my personal goals.

Here are 30 things to have fun doing while stuck inside:

  • Peloton is offering a free 90-day trial to their full library and no, you do not need a bike.
  • Canva to make those graphics for your online store
  • Start that blog on WordPress.
  • Learn a new language with Duolingo
  • Cook all of those things you have been wanting to with recipes from Food Network
  • Do a puzzle or 4
  • Make a drink and have it while taking a bubble bath
  • Learn how to do a new makeup look or hairstyle on YouTube
  • Write a book and post it on Gumroad
  • Clean out those closets you’ve been meaning to get to
  • Organize your Pinterest
  • Face masks
  • Make a vision board
  • Toss out all of your old products
  • Organize your planner for the next month(which is hard right now, but just try to carry on as normal as possible)
  • Go through your pictures in your phone and delete what isn’t needed, unwanted, and duplicate
  • Coloring books
  • Make candy
  • Take online classes or tutorials
  • Meditate
  • Go back to the times when it was summer when we were younger; chalk drawings on the sidewalk, play board games, or go to the park and roll down the hill
  • Sew something new to wear
  • Shop your closet and play dress-up
  • Have a fireside camp out
  • Make it a whole day of popcorn and movies; watch Disney for some animated classics, scroll through Netflix for comedies, or break out the DVD player and watch some movies you have on disc
  • Organize your music library
  • Paint something
  • Work on all those “honey do’s” that you have been meaning to get to
  • Make a Gingerbread play dough
  • Make an indoor scavenger hunt

In times like these, we need to be creative and try our best not to get stir crazy. We can get so wrapped up in our heads, that we just get stressed about what will happen next. Well, we don’t know what tomorrow holds. What we can do is focus on today and make sure that we are keeping ourselves and our families safe. As well as, practice social distancing and keep our neighbors safe.

This time will be remembered and it should be remembered as a time when we made the most out of an unfortunate time in our world’s history. As well as a time that we did whatever necessary to make sure we made it through on the other side, stronger and better than ever.

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