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Ultimate Travel Junkie Gift Guide

for the ladies!

…on Amazon! Can’t get much easier than this, right?!

Do you have a traveler that is need of a gift, but you just don’t know what to get her?!

Well, I love to travel and I go as often as I can. After this quarantine is over and we get back to our “new normal” way of life, I will be off to Melbourne and Fiji for a few weeks or maybe a month! Ohhhh, I can’t wait!

In the meantime, I have put together a list of great gifts that you will be sure to find something for that special woman in your life!


Travel pillow: a neck pillow is a must and these are my favorites! There are two options available and inexpensive which allows for every member of the family to get one! There is the standard memory foam and one that is inflatable (easy blow up and secure non-leak valve).

Travel steamer: as much as I try to pack in a way that there won’t be wrinkles when I arrive, it is inevitable that some of the items will need some ironing. This travel steamer has seven steam options, comes with a travel pouch and is only $17.99!

Electronics organizer: if you’re anything like me, you hate when all the cords get all tangled and wrapped around one another. This organizer has a waterproof carry pouch and this one comes in different colors. You can get it here!

External charger: this charger has a dual USB Portable Charger with a fast charging power bank and a USB C Input. It accommodates multiple phones (iPhone and Galaxy included) and has over-heating protection. You can find it here!

Hard shell luggage: this is my favorite piece, by Kensie, for a carry-on! It comes with a lock, as well as the wheels spin and there are multi great color options.

Luggage organizers: I am not sure how I traveled all these years without these and how I just recently started to use them! I am so glad I did, because they are a game changer! This organizer has seven pieces, which include a laundry bag, underwear bag, and a toiletry bag (plus it comes in 2 colors).

Collapsible water bottle: this water bottle is amazing! It is BPA-free, FDA approved, it won’t leak, it is hourglass shaped, and it comes with a metal hook to hang from your bag if you don’t want to put it inside. When it is collapsed, it is only 1.5 inches tall! You can get a 2-pack for $21.99 with two different colors or one for $11.99.

Jewelry organizer: I can’t stand when I get to my location and all of my jewelry is tangled up together; especially my necklaces! Ugh, it is the worst. Then you have to spend all of that time trying to untangle them. Well, that was until I found this jewelry organizer! It has comes in some great colors, has compartments for all of your jewelry, even keepsakes, as well as individual hanging for your necklaces (get the one with the elastic that goes across the necklaces).

Travel laptop backpack: I love this stylish backpack by Kenneth Cole. It comes in four different colors with a quilted chevron design on the front pocket. It also has a strap to hold onto your luggage while walking from point a to point b. Oh, and it has a space for your water bottle! The front pocket has room for your phone, passport and other necessary documents. It is great for the airport and while wandering wherever you are!

Travel straightener: this mini straightener, which also functions as a curling iron, is great! It heats up fast and causes less damage than other straighteners. You can find it here!

Silk eye mask: this mask is lightweight, comes in six colors, and has a travel compartment for when you are not using it! It also has an elastic band which keeps it firm around your head. I used to not be able to sleep on a plane but then I found this and I have no issues any longer! Something so simple and makes all the difference! You can find it here!

Pashmina: this is so durable and has multipurposes. It can be a sarong, a blanket for laying on the sand or grass, a head scarf, a blanket on the plane, or even a skirt. This one I love because it is inexpensive and comes in so many different colors. You can find it here!

Microfiber hair towel: I love this towel and take it every where! I even use one at home. It is extremely soft, is good for your hair, and has a button to secure you for hours. This actually may be one of my favorite travel products! You can find it here!

I am sure you will find something special for the wanderluster in your life!

I would love to know your thoughts and if you have any questions, please let me know!

** Disclaimer ** The links are associated with my Amazon affiliate program. If clicked, I may receive compensation from Amazon. This is no way affects you and your purchases * The owner of the website is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions **


  1. Omg that hard luggage one satisfies my love for organising Hahha, and it’s beautiful. I also agree with the pillow as a must have, although I usually just use my normal pillow xx


  2. My external charger was one of the BEST things I brought with me to Italy last year. It allowed me to be able to take photos all day long!


  3. Wow, these are amazing products! I’ve been looking into buying a microfiber hair towel, and I think you might just have convinced me to do so! (Even though my wallet is begging me not to lol)


  4. i for sure need the lockable suitcase! i get so worried that someone will take my luggage and now even if that happens i know it’ll stay safe.


  5. Thanks for sharing! hopefully, soon I’ll get to start traveling again, I’ll definitely have to keep these products in mind.


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