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How To: Lux and Chic

on a budget

…with these 15 styling tips along with some do’s and don’ts!

We all can’t afford designer fashions but we can look the part, if we take the right steps. After doing a little research, and thinking about my own style, I came up with 15 styling ideas to make you look like you’re trying to decide whether you are going to take a month long vacation, traveling around the globe!

These 15 ideas need to be used with the ‘less is more concept‘ because when you start piling accessories and clothes on, you can begin to look cheap. Which is definitely not what you want!

Plus, these 15 styling tips look great on any body!

  1. All black: think of this as you blank canvas for you to wear a statement piece necklace or pointed animal print heels. All black also makes you look thinner, chic, and elegant.
  2. All white: same concept as all black, but with white, remember that silhouette and fabrication is key. You want fabrics that are natural as opposed to synthetics, that can look cheap.
  3. Fabrics: always choose a natural fabric; i.e., linen, cotton, silk, etc.
  4. Jewelry: Dainty, a statement gold necklace, pearl necklace, or simple diamonds. If you can’t afford the real thing, remember that dainty appears to be real as opposed to something larger than can look less expensive.
  5. Sunglasses: go to Nordstroms or any large retailer and look to see which high-end designer glasses you like. Then, go to Amazon, TJ, Marshalls, H&M, Old Navy, etc., and find a cheaper version. It is simple, but a pair of sunglasses can take your chic notch way up.
  6. Belts and bags: For this, take the same approach as the sunglasses. Go to your favorite low-cost store, which I gave my favorites above, and find a belt and a bag that mimics the high-end look you love. Then rock it!
  7. Classic look: tailored, clean lines, minimal details. When you keep your look tailored and clean, you will automatically bring your chicness up. But always do you, boo!
  8. Dark jeans: Dark jeans have a way of making you look chic and expensive. As well as can make you feel a certain type of way. But I love a dark jean that has a few ripped and are skinny. I haven’t been a fan of boot-cut or flared in a very long time!
  9. White button down: This blouse is a classic and that is exactly what it does, makes you look classic. I keep a tunic length one, ironed and ready to go, to wear with leggings and flats or as a dress with sandals.
  10. Pointed-toe pumps or flats: These shoe style elongate your legs, making you look taller and slimmer, while giving you a chic, classic look.
  11. Undergarments: A good undergarment can do you wonders! Not only do they make you feel sexy and put together, but when you have the proper fit, you look confident!
  12. Turtleneck and blazer: This is such a classic look. Keep a neutral jacket with a colored top or the other way around.
  13. Camel coat: This coat is a must and it is so classic.
  14. Leopard: Think all black with leopard pointy toe heels
  15. Confidence: No matter what you have on, if you feel confident, that shows on the outside and makes your look even more chic. Style is what you like and what makes you feel good!

Do’s and don’ts

  1. Never forget to purchase according to your body type
  2. Dress according to your taste and comfort
  3. Look after your grooming as well
  4. Wear well fitting clothes
  5. Always be mindful of buying from fast fashion brands but instead by from conscious retailers
  6. Try second-hand shopping
  7. Don’t impulse shop

What are some things styling tips you have for being chic on a budget? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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