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How to: easy beachy waves

Lately I have really been into the beach waves, no-fuss look. But, we all know that look that gives off the impression of not taking a lot of effort, but really took the most.

That is, until you met me! I have mastered the technique and I couldn’t wait to share that with you all! It’s easy. It’s no fuss. It’s your new go-to!


Step one: put a bit of oil through your hair. Spray the beauty and planet oil in your hand and spread throughout your hair, especially on the ends. Be careful because you don’t need a lot of it.

Step two: pin up your hair into about four sections and go bottom to top.

Step three: curling iron. I grab one inch(ish) sections and don’t put the very end of the strand in the curling iron. Do this for all of your hair.

Step four: spray with dry shampoo after you’re done with each section.

Step five: spray with the salt water mixture in your hands and put on the bottom sections of your hair.

Step six: run your fingers loosely through the curls to bring out the waves.

Step seven: Look amazing and rule the world!


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