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My March Ipsy Bag

If you don’t what Ipsy is, it is a monthly subscription box that has different beauty products to try; based on your preferences. When I first started, they only had one service. Now, there are three ranging from $12 to $50 a month. I currently have the $12, but I am thinking of going to the next line up for $25 a month. The difference between my current one and the next one up is the size in the products. The original is trial size where as the next one up is full-size.

I always love what I get every month from Ipsy and I have been thinking, I really need to do a product review! I will be doing this every month!

This months bag was amazing! It was filled with a brightening clay mask, an eye shadow, a lip therapy mask, lavender body cream, nail lacquer, and a precision eyelid brush.

Oh, and it came with a super cute bag!

Product one: Generation clay brightening purple clay mask. I kept it on, per the directions, for about 10 minutes; it changed colors and tightened. REVIEW: After I got out of the shower, I put the mask on. When it was time to take it off, I used a warm wet wash cloth and it came off easily. My face has a wonderful tightened, brightened glow. You can get the mask here.

Product two: Wander beauty eye shadow in Bouquet. This color is one of my absolute favorites, which is champagne gold. They had me at champagne! I used my bare finger; dab and blend, per the instructions. REVIEW: This color is incredible! It has the perfect amount of shine to keep it easy for day and layer on at night. Get the eye shadow here.

Product three: Awake lip therapy lip mask to give our lips some much needed TLC. Wear it to bed after you shower, per the directions. REVIEW: I will be putting this on every night before bed. My lips were refreshed and hydrated in the morning. It isn’t greasy and I couldn’t tell I had it on. You can get the lip mask here.

Product four: Grace and Stella lavender body cream refresh’s your skin with cocoa seed butter, aloe vera, and rosehip seed oil to keep your skin baby soft. Put this on after your shower, right after the lip mask. REVIEW: Can I dip myself in a bath of this?! The smell is incredible, especially right before bed and it wasn’t greasy at all. You can get the lotion here.

Product five: Mischo beauty nail lacquer in Unbroken is a color that makes me say ohhhhhh! It’s a chic and edgy smoky lavender that is vegan and cruelty free. Tip: In a rush? Dip polished nails into ice cold water for 10 seconds to speed up drying time. REVIEW: It is a color I didn’t know I needed but know now I can’t live without. It went on smooth and looks incredible! Unfortunately it isn’t available for purchase at the moment, but I definitely will let you know when it is.

Product six: Complex culture precision eyelid brush that is a multitasking shadow brush. It can be used to highlight and contour your lids, apply shadow to the lash line, or detail the inner corners. Plus, the brush handle is biodegradable! REVIEW: Amazing! This is the brush I was missing. It was able to get the inner corners perfectly and also when I was applying highlighter to my lower eyebrows. You can get the brush here.

I am always on the prowl for great products. All of these are incredible, and I highly recommend all of them!


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