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I love a good quote and I feel that now, more that ever, we need inspiration and motivation. With the current climate, politically and otherwise, it is important that we take care of ourselves.

I know more than anyone how it feels to be the woman with a smile on her face while everything is crumbling around her. I said the beginning of this year, that enough was enough. I have taken charge of my health, in all aspects, and it has made an incredible difference.

I no longer keep everything bottled up, which who knew that would be so beneficial. I keep my lifestyle healthy; diet, workout, extracurricular activities, etc. Now, I am far from perfect and have my struggle days. But no matter what I get up and show up; for myself and my family most of all.

I always start my day with a great quote, a workout, making my bed, and a great cup of coffee.

I also, when I feel a negative thought coming on, turn that around into something positive is extremely helpful. If we talk to ourselves the way we speak to our loved ones, can you imagine how our outlook would change?

Starting our day off right plays a vital role in how the rest of you your day will go!

I hope you have an absolutely fabulous day!

You know where to find me if you need anything!


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