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How to: stay safe while traveling solo

…especially as female

I love to travel and 99% of the time, I won’t wait until I have someone to go with me. I will just go. If we waited till other people were ready, we wouldn’t ever go anywhere. Like they say, life is what happens while we are making plans. Instead of waiting around to have life experiences, go and get them yourself!

But, how do I stay safe while traveling in foreign countries alone?

Honestly, I use the same rules abroad as I do while at home. Which I highly recommend you do, as well!

  • Be prepared
    • Do research about where you are going
      • What are the safest areas of town? Is there nightlife and a social scene where I am staying?
    • Where are the markets, restaurants, and bars within walking distance
    • What is the public transportation like?
      • Get the local taxi app
      • Don’t use public transportation at night
    • What events are happening while you’re there?
    • What is the weather?
  • Tell loved ones where you’re going
  • Trust your gut
  • Leave your expensive jewelry at home
  • How do the local’s dress?
    • This is a great way to blend in
  • Arrive during the day
    • I always try to arrive between 11AM and 4PM. That way I get to an airport with enough daylight to get to where I am staying
    • You definitely don’t want to be trying to find your way through a city, especially a new one, when it is dark
  • Don’t go out by yourself late at night
    • I love to try new restaurants and bars while traveling
      • When by myself, I will stick close to where I am staying
      • Or, I will join a tour and that way I can meet new people and try new places while in a group
  • Don’t get drunk
    • Just like at home, when you get drunk you lose some controls and you don’t know who is watching and wanting to take advantage
  • Do go out and wander, after all that is why you love to travel
    • Stay diligent and use your best judgement
  • Most importantly, have fun! Most of the time I find traveling by myself the best because I can do what I want, when I want.

Portugal and Mexico were two of the last trips I took by myself. I will tell you, if you haven’t been, go to Portugal! I am currently planning a trip for next year to Portugal; I want to see more of Lisbon and go to Lagos and Porto. This year I will be going to the Caribbean and Australia or Fiji, but I won’t be going alone.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! I am always available here, my social media, and my email!

I hope you found this list helpful and don’t be afraid to travel alone!



  1. Great tips! I have enjoyed riding around solo on the Paris metro, London tube, and Rome subway. Your ideas are spot on!


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