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Unique Valentine’s Day ideas to wow!

Valentine’s day can be a day of love and celebration or one of sadness. But no matter, whether attached or single, I think it should be a day to celebrate all of your partner or to celebrate yourself. Who says this day can only be about two people in a relationship?!

No matter your “status” I think it is always a good idea to do something different, fun, and/or relaxing! Self-care makes us all better humans, especially in this time that can be tumultuous and trying. When we take care of ourselves and our loved ones, we are our best selves and in turn get to project that into those around us.

With Valentine’s day coming up, I wanted to put together a list of ideas that will make you want to take a day (or days) to celebrate all the love you have in you and surrounding you.

Honestly, I am always in favor of doing any of these things year round. I don’t think romance, relationship care, or self-care belong to just one day.

Life is hard and our lives should be filled with fun and adventure. So, get out there! Do something that you have never done and have an amazing day!

Let me know your thoughts and if there is something that you would add to the list!



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