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Fall fashion is upon us!

I love summer, but I love fall just as much! Maybe it is because my birthday is in October, or because the weather and the leaves are changing. Or, maybe because all of the fall festivities like corn mazes, apple picking, hay rides, campfires, slouchy sweaters, hard ciders, boots, scarves; yeah, I could go on and on.

BUT…today, it is all about fall fashion trends!

I love fashion and I think the best part of fashion is, you can do what you want! While we all like to incorporate trends into our fashion, style is your own and you get to look however you want. I think gone are the days that we feel like we must conform to societial standards. Which that in itself is freeing. As long as we are living happy, healthy, and a positive vibe life, what harm is there in wearing whatever we damn well want; NOTHING!

As I was doing research on the fall trends, I was realizing this this season’s fashion is just a play on what we have been doing for the last few seasons, but with a bolder, bigger, feel. I am all about ALL of these trends.

I may or may not be currently on Amazon looking for items in all of these trends! Some of them I already have, like the chunky necklace, but who only needs one of something!

Let me know what you think! I would love to see pics of the trends you are currently loving! I will definitely be positing pics of all the trends I’m all about right now!


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