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How to pack your carry-on for a warm-weather getaway!

It can be difficult to know how to pack a carry-on, and maximize your space. But don’t worry, be happy! I am here to help!

I have done a lot of traveling, with so many places left to see…but I have figured out how to pack, the hard way.

I am headed to Mexico, which I talked about in my Tropic like it’s hot in Playa del Carmen post, and I laid out what I typically take with me to Mexico. It’s always hot and humid, so what is in my luggage doesn’t generally change!

First I lay out what I think I want to take with me:

  • Maxi and midi dresses and jumpsuits
  • Bathing suits
  • Cover-ups and sarongs
  • Shoes
    • Sandals, flip flops and chunky heels
  • Undergarments
  • Toiletries
  • Hat(s)

I narrow down that pile to what I am actually going to wear:

  • Nothing in a heavy fabric
    • No jeans, no heavy cover ups, no heavy dresses, or heavy jumpsuits
    • You want all lightweight fabrics
      • I decided not to take a jumpsuit, so I am only bringing midi and maxi dresses
  • No stiletto’s and only one pair of wedges or chunky heels
    • I actually am only bringing sandals
      • I just found these at Target and am bringing them for my dressy dinner shoes
  • Not too many undergarments (you’ll spend most of your time in bathing suits and sandals)
  • No socks or closed toe shoes
    • Unless, you plan on bringing your tennis shoes because you may do a lot of walking

Then, I roll. When packing for a summer weekend getaway, you roll everything. The main rule is: lightweight items you roll and heavy items you lay flat.

For example:

  • I am going on a weekend getaway to the beach, I am rolling everything.
  • When I went to Italy in January, it was cold so I had jackets and sweaters, and I laid all of those items flat.

Next, the rolled clothes go on one side, the hat(s) and toiletries go on the other. Another good tip is to use a hard material suitcase. These are better for carry-on’s because when you have the cloth like material, those can expand and not fit in the overhead department.

Lay your shoes, one face up and the other face down.

Finally, you make sure you have all necessary charging devices, electrical converters, your passport, and headphones!

If you noticed, the zebra print in my toiletry bag. I placed that flat on one half, which left a spot for my hats to go face down and this way they do not get damaged. I then put the electrical converter inside with electronic cleaner and other electrical devices.

I hope this helps when packing your next weekend getaway!


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