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What are your travel essentials?

I have traveled a lot in my years; I’ve lived in Africa and Indonesia. I’ve done a lot of pleasure travel, and I am not anywhere finished seeing the world! Actually, in about 24 hours I am off to Italy!

However, I have gotten so good at carry-on travel and knowing exactly what I will need, I wanted to share this priceless information with you!

Let me start with the must-have’s regardless of distance.

  1. A travel bag (I just got a sling bag, it has a spot for everything)
  2. Headphones: your favorite wireless and a pair of regular jack plug-in. If you aren’t able to charge your favorite pair, a back-up is a must.
  3. Portable charger and plug-in
  4. Neck pillow
  5. Anti-bacterial gel or wipes
  6. Face wipes and toilet wipes
  7. Socks and slippers (you don’t want to be walking around with no shoes)
  8. Loose Sweatshirt or lightweight jacket
  9. Downloaded movies and shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes (most long hauls have a great entertainment system, so this is more for the airport and times in between)
  10. Comfortable, easy slip on-off shoes (my go-to are my hard top Adidas or slip on’s)
  11. A great book or two (I just picked up Girl, wash your face and Ghosted
  12. Journal (I love to write, but I also jot down where I went, going, places I visited, etc.; that way I have a memory when I go to post pics and write a new post)
  13. Sunglasses

For those long-hauls (in addition to the must-have’s)

  1. Toothbrush (electric, because I just can’t use anything else now) and toothpaste
  2. A change of clothes (leggings, a clean pair of undies, a sports bra)
  3. Must have toiletries: hair oil, comb, and bobby pins
  4. Must have make-up: moisturizer, concealer, chapstick, highlighter, bronzer, and a couple of makeup brushes

Finally, anything under 2.5 hours, I simply pair down the necessities:

Wireless headphones, a loose sweatshirt or jacket, anti-bacterial, toilet and face wipes, a book, a journal, and a pair of easy slip on-off shoes. 

I hope this helps you on your next journey!



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