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16 beauty products you can’t leave at home

When I travel, there are always certain things I take with me. Like, I won’t leave home for a trip without these things because they are a life saver!

In my post about long hauls I talked about what to do and what not to do on a long haul. In the “what to do” section, two of the items specifically talked about beauty products. Those products, along with the other musts, are all listed below. If I don’t have these, I won’t leave home!

I suppose that may be dramatic, because I will still leave, but if I don’t already have them on hand (which 99% of the time I do), I will make every attempt to get them before I leave. Or, get whatever I need in the place I am going.

But since we all know how I much I love to travel, I clearly am not staying home!

I tend to live on the side that likes to be prepared with as little as possible! All of these products don’t require a lot of usage from either, as they allow you to look your best with minimal effort!

Which is the best way, anyway!



BB Cream – Incarose Extra Pure Hualuronic: here is the link on Amazon. It’s a little expensive, but so worth it! You don’t have to use very much of it and it gives you a little bit of tint, SPF, and moisturizer. Plus, it’s Italian! Honestly, I use it every day and this is the only one I will use.

Atolla serum – this serum is personalized just for you! They send you a kit and you test your skin. You then upload the results and specify what issues you’re having. Then voila! They send you a serum and my skin hasn’t felt better! You can get started here

Honey tone it up herbal toner – I love this one and get it with Ipsy

Moisturizer (I have a few I like, so just depends on where I am going)


Brow gel

Clear mascara


Eye shadow


Highlighter for my eyes and a dewy rose gold highlighter

Lip balm and gloss


Bobby pins, hair tie, and hair bands


Cutical pusher, cuticle clipper, nail buffer, nail file, and vitamin E oil

Travel toiletries


Tooth paste

Dry shampoo

Hair oil




Face wipes

Hand Sanitizer

Roto eye drops

Ulta Active Cooling Stick (this is the coolest product; I use it after I workout to stop from sweating and when I’m at the beach to give me some relief) Ugh, apparently they don’t make it anymore but that link will take you to eBay where it is for sale.

Why do companies always stop making the good stuff?

Anyway, I digress!

All of these products I keep in a couple little travel bags; you know the ones you get from Ipsy! They fit in my purse and that way, I am never without!

Depending on what I am doing for the day, I have my little bag that I can take with me while wandering. Now, if it is just a “sit on the beach” kind of day, then you don’t need it!

What is it that you always take on a trip?

XOXO, Jaclyn

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  1. Very useful post to carry your most favorite essentials on a trip and you got some cute travel bags. 🙂 I always carry mascaras, moisturizers, lotion and few lip balms. Just cant do without them.

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