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10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers

10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers
Solo Female Traveler

While there are so many options on where you can go, these ’10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers’ should be first on your list.

Being a solo traveler, especially a solo female traveler, doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Solo travel can seem scary, but that is what makes it exciting and amazing.

Before heading out on your own, make sure you check out my post on ‘11 Solo Traveler Safety Tips’ to practice while out catching up on your wanderlust.

I personally have traversed (some with much more to see of) this earth solo, and honestly, it is my preference to travel alone. You can find all of the hidden gems, on your own terms.

There is something gratifying about finding your way, through the unknown, being able to do what you want, when you want, and finding yourself along the way.

Let’s get started: 10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers


10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers, Armenia

This isn’t a country I first think of when I am looking at travel plans, but it is now! Armenia is a land-locked country that is full of amazing ancient ruins, archaeological sites, all against a mountain backdrop. Armenia’s neighbors are Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Armenian’s are welcoming with open hands and hearts; you never know, you could end up in an Armenian home where they will treat you and then send you home with a lot of goodies. Don’t worry though, many speak Russian as well as English, so communication will not be an issue.

Seven reasons to visit Armenia

  • Spectacular views of Mount Ararat
  • Ancient historical heritage
  • Lake Sevan
  • To take the longest cableway in the world
  • To taste the most delicious apricot in the world
  • To listen to the duduk
  • To feel at home with hospitality

Three tours to consider

Yerevan: Private Khor Virap, Garni, & Gehgard Monastery Tour

Khorvirap, Noravank, and Areni Winery Day Trip

Private Garni, Geghard, Lake Sevan and Dilijan Tour



Colombia may not be a country that is on your radar, but it very well should be. Colombia is full of variety; lushness, coffee, modern cities mixed with traditional Andean culture, and let us not forget about the food.

Unfortunately, Colombia has been given a bad wrap, especially because of shows in recent years focusing on the drug trade. However, Colombia is much safer than you think. The people are very welcoming and the views you will get here are spectacular.

Seven reasons to visit Colombia

  • It is relatively undiscovered (for now)
  • Bogota is booming
  • The coffee region is a haven for the nature and foodie lovers
  • Cartagena is the Caribbean’s crown jewel
  • Medellin
  • Amazing beaches
  • Luxury at an exceptional value

Three tours to consider

Cartagena: 4 Rosario Islands day tour with snorkel and lunch

Bogota Evening Tour

Medellin: Private Pablo Escobar Tour with Cable Car Ride



Benin is not at the forefront when thinking of Africa but if you want an African hidden gem, Benin is where you need to go.  Stay in a traditional village and watch the natives do their dancing mask and voodoo ceremonies; voodoo is still very alive here in Benin.

Whether you are looking for beaches or city life, Benin has it to offer along with safety here being higher than other African countries. The Beninese people are welcoming as well and want all of the visitors to feel at home.

Seven reasons to visit Benin

  • History and heritage
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lush nature and protected specie watching
  • Proximity to other countries; specifically Ghana and Nigeria
  • Delicious food and artisanal palm wine
  • Welcoming Beninese people
  • Beautiful beaches along Southern Benin

Three tours to consider

A Taste of West Africa

Discover Lome, TOGO

Private tour of Benin 3-day


10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers, Ukraine

You may think of Chernobyl when you hear Ukraine, but there is much more that makes up this amazing country.  Ukraine has a rich and colorful history, imbedded with art and culture. Kiev is considered to be one of the cheapest of the European capitals; accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, food, and drinks are all budget-friendly.

As well as, Ukraine is well-preserved in its tradition and diversity. The Ukrainian people are very welcoming and want everyone to feel at home; don’t worry if you feel like they aren’t cordial to you, as they tend to not just smile for no reason.

7 reasons to visit Ukraine

  • Natural wonders
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Chernobyl
  • Delicious cuisine
  • Incredible history
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Affordability

Three tours to consider

Kiev Night Tour

Odessa Catacombs Tour

Klevan Tunnel of Love Private Day Trip

The Baltics

The Baltic Sea
The Baltic Sea

The Baltics are made up of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. You will find a variety of landscapes, from medieval towns, forts, to coastal regions, which are sure to satisfy everyone’s itinerary needs.  The Baltics are lesser known (one of the main reasons I love it) and have way more to offer than meets the eye.

I am not a backpacker, but this is one of the best places to backpack in Europe. Whether you’re an adventurer, culture seeker, beach bum, or food enthusiast, the Baltics is for you.

Seven reasons to visit The Baltics

  • The Baltic seaside
  • History
  • Spectacular castles
  • Beautiful nature views
  • Youthful population and an innovative hub
  • Inexpensive and easy travel (both within and to other countries)
  • Delicious food and brews

Three tours to consider

Tallinn: Coastal Cliffs and Rummu Suberged Quarry Day Tour

Baltic Sea Coast and the Jurmala Seaside Resort

Food Tour with History Walk Private Guided Tour


10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers, Jordan

Jordan has become more popular as of late, and I am sure that has to do with the rich history that makes up this country. Jordan, over the years, has been misunderstood and misrepresented as it is part of the Middle East and seems to get looked at like other countries in the region.

It is the land of the lost cities and adventures, and should be more popular that it is. Jordan is gaining traction; make sure you go while it is still a hidden gem. This country is also very safe and hospitable, where you will be rewarded with exoticness and warmness by the locals.

Seven reasons to visit Jordan

  • The Switzerland of the Middle East
  • Incredible food
  • The Dead Sea
  • The sites of Petra
  • It is very safe
  • History
  • The welcoming people

Three tours to consider

Jordan 4 Day Tour: Petra, Wadi Rum & Dead Sea

Bethany & Dead Sea Tour

Amman, Jerash, & Ajloun Castle Tour

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Do you know that Bosnia and Herzegovina are world famous green landscapes and gorgeous nature views? Or, how about stretches of enchanting forests? Due to their location, there is a unique mix of cultures which makes this one of Europe’s most exciting destinations.

While it is very small, roughly the size of West Virginia in the United States, it has so much to offer. The history gives a mixture of East and Western Europe while being less touristy than its neighboring Croatia.

Seven reasons to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • History
  • Unspoiled nature
  • Bosnian Coffee
  • Adventure galore
  • Food and wonderful shopping
  • Colorful music festivals
  • Ethnically and religiously diverse

Three tours to consider

Mostar and Four Pearls of Herzegovina

Bijambare Caves Tour

Mostar & Kravice Waterfall Tour


10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers, Romania

Due to its landscape, Romania is the most biogeographically diverse country in the European Union as well as it is one of the best places in Europe to go wildlife watching.

Why not go for a beautiful hike while out wandering through the mountains? This country is also rich in history and has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Did you know that there was 34,950 year-old human remains found?

Seven reasons to visit Romania

  • World Heritage sites
  • Thriving festivals
  • Delicious food
  • Architecture and history
  • Natural wonders and wildlife
  • Inexpensive
  • Castles and Churches

Three tours to consider

Brasov Walking Tour at Night

Slanic Salt Mines Day Trip

Sinaia and Peles Castle Day Trip


10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers, Austria

Vienna, Austria has been named ‘City with the best quality of life’ eight times in a row by consulting firm Mercer; low crime rates, clean air, cheap rents, and rich culture to name a few of the reasons. As well, the Austrian coffee, sweet treats and spectacular mountain views. Do we need anything else?

Let’s not forget if you visit in the winter, the gorgeous ski trips and Christmas markets that make you feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie. If you arrive in the summer, you will be able to relax with strolls across all of the lake shores.

Seven reasons to visit Austria

  • The Eagle Walk
  • Art, music, and culture
  • Sweet treats  and coffee
  • Easy to explore and clean
  • History
  • Beautiful villages and architecture
  • Music scene

Three tours to consider

Hitler’s Vienna Tour

Vienna Guided Walking Tour

Inssbruck-Hungerburg Cable Car Ticket


10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers, Mozambique

Having lived in Africa, this continent has always had my heart. While there are a lot of African countries to visit, Mozambique is top on the list for right now. The beaches and endless sand, blue water, amazing food, affordable luxury, and the local hospitality; what more could you want?

Throw in an amazing safari and world-class snorkeling throughout the mangroves, coastal forest, and coral. Well, this sounds like a holiday we all need.

Seven reasons to visit Mozambique:

  • Endless beaches and secluded islands
  • Protected marine reserves
  • Culture
  • Safari
  • Delicious food
  • Affordable luxury resorts
  • Hospitality

Three tours to consider

Kruger National Park Safari

Calanga Beach Trip

Mozambique Tour: Complete 12 Days

Where are you going first for your solo hidden gem holiday?

15 responses to “10 Hidden Gems for Solo Female Travelers”

  1. Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria are definitely worth your time. Love all 3 countries. The Baltics are high on my list, we had planned a road trip there last year, but that had to be postponed.

  2. Colombia has been so high on my list of places to go and I’m really happy to see that it’s somewhere that your recommend to visit as a solo female traveller. I’m quite surprised by the addition of Benin and my interest has definitely been piqued, I’ve got to investigate further! Great list!

  3. I’m so happy to hear that you want explore the world and have some alone time! I would also love to do these things when my family isn’t with me. I’m always looking to add more solo travel destinations and I love your list of must do activities. A few that come immediately to mind include visiting historical landmarks, taking part in nature or cultural tours/activities, and exploring neighborhoods on my own.

  4. I feel like the majority of the locations you list here are often overlooked – and I love that! Those are always the best, most authentic experiences you’ll find. You especially made me want to visit Romania, Armenia, Columbia, and Jordan (Jordan before it gets too busy!)

  5. My mother in law is considering some solo travel and this is a great post to help her discover some awesome places to visit.

  6. These are some great suggestions for solo female travelers! Armenia and Benin would never have crossed my mind, but I’d love to check them out now! Thanks for the great guide!

  7. Colombia is totally on my list. I knew it had great culture and great coffee, but I love hearing the nature part of it is worth traveling for as well!

  8. These are fantastic! Never would have thought of Benin but yes! It sounds like a perfect, off-the-beaten path place to visit.

  9. These are definitely not the places I would have put on my list first – Armenia is a new travel destination consideration! Great uncommon list!

  10. Good list! I love seeing an African country on the list too! Benin is a beautiful country with amazing history, culture and food. I have yet to explore it myself but know people from the country.

  11. muylindatravels Avatar

    A great selection of amazing places to visit that I haven’t considered! I usually travel solo & I’m intigued by your Armenia suggestion as I love the sound of the duduk (I’m an oboe player). Thanks so much for these great ideas!

  12. So many places there that are on my list and others that I hadn’t even considered up until now like Benin. One of our best memories from Romania was seeing wild bears, and from Ukraine was certainly a day trip to Chernobyl in the snow. I have only ever done one solo trip which was around Spain, however I’ve got a couple booked for 2022. Hopefully Mount Toubkal in Morocco and a marathon in Sierra Leone! Great blog!

  13. These are great ideas! I have been to the baltic states and loved them! They were interesting, unique and I felt safe traveling there alone. I cant wait for things to change a little more so I can get back out there and explore!

  14. So many amazing places to see and things to do. Thank you for sharing

    1. You’re welcome!

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