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The 10 Best Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs

The 10 Best Travel Apps

To all of my fellow wanderers, solo travelers, hostel stayers, luxury seekers, and travel enthusiasts alike, here are the The 10 Best Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs.

Whether you’re planning a spontaneous weekend getaway, a thrilling backpacking adventure, or a meticulously planned global expedition, one thing is for certain: travel apps have become indispensable tools for modern-day travelers.

With a multitude of apps available at our fingertips, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the sea of choices.

The 10 Best Travel Apps
The 10 Best Travel Apps

Not to worry, because I have got you covered! I have put together The 10 Best Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs; not only do I use them but I think if we all had a little help traveling, exploring the world will be that much easier!

From trip planning and navigation to language translation and local recommendations, these apps are designed to enhance every aspect of your travel experience.

The 10 Best Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs:

  • Your Airline App

    • Most airlines want you to have their app downloaded to watch inflight entertainment and to keep a credit card on file for inflight purchases
    • Most up-to-date flight information
  • Timeshifter

    • This app helps you resynchronize your body clock with the new times or time zones through a specific sleep and caffeine schedule
    • It is personalized based on your trip and normal sleep cycles
    • Available for both Apple and Android
      • Can try for free
      • $24.99 a year
    • This is also a great app for “Shift work”
  • Lounge Buddy and/or Priority Pass

    •  With Lounge Buddy you can discover, book, and access premium airport lounges worldwide
    • Priority Pass is a membership that gives you access to 1300 airport lounges worldwide
      • This pass can either be bought (3 plans available) or comes with certain credit cards such as the American Express Platinum
    • Available for both Apple and Android
  • Packr and/or PackPoint

    • Packr is an app that allows you to tailor-make a packing list for your trips
      • It also gives an 8-day weather forecast which will automatically update the packing list
      • You can turn on family mode which is great for a group
      • Only available in the Apple store
    • Packpoint will organize what you need to pack based on the length of travel, weather, and any activities planned
      • This can be connected to the app TripIt (which I will discuss in this post)
      • You can share with list with your fellow travelers
      • Available for both Apple and Android

    • This app allows you to book a room for day use
    • Available worldwide
    • Great if you have a long layover somewhere and want to use the hotel amenities and put your bags down
    • Also great for day trips
    • Available for both Apple and Android as well as online
  • TripIt

    • All of your travel emails in one place
    • Forward your confirmation emails and they get put into an itinerary to access everything while on the go
    • There is a free version but if you want the paid version it is $49 a year
    • Available for both Apple and Android as well as online
  • Google Translate

    • Translates between your language and the language of where you are
    • Can translate text, voice, images, and help you have conversations
    • Available for both Apple and Android as well as online
  • Google Maps

    • Detailed maps, real-time navigation, up-to-date public transportation information
    • Nearby attractions and dining options for your area
    • You can save the directions or map to have on your phone (in case you don’t have service)
    • Available for both Apple and Android as well as online
  • Rome2Rio and/or CityMapper

    • Citymapper helps you find the speediest route to your destination as well as public transportation
      • There is also a chat feature to update friends and family on your location
    • Rome2Rio allows you to figure out how to get anywhere
      • Plane, train, bus, ferry, and car
      • Give you a rough estimate on cost
      • Gives you websites to purchase
    • Both are available for both Apple and Android as well as online
  • GlobalTipping

    • Gives you tips on when and how to tip in over 30 countries
    • You can split the bill between the guests, as well as send an email confirmation
    • Only available for Apple


While apps are ever changing, as technology and need is ever changing, these are the apps that I rely on right now for my travels.

What apps do you use when traveling?


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