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Guest Post: 10 Best Places to Visit in Japan

Venturing into an island encircled by the mighty Pacific Ocean is a traveler’s delight! The experience is a scintillating mix of nature’s exotic beauty and thrilling adventure. If you want to enliven your mind and soul into such an exclusive experience, then Japan is the destination for you.

The country proudly offers an eccentric aura of travel places coupled with the historical heritage and fun-filled activities. Though it is a plethora of tourist spots, yet I would today like to highlight the 10 best places to visit in Japan.

10 Best Places to Visit in Japan10 Best Places to Visit in Japan

The places are must to be added in your bucket list while touring Japan. They present the diverse landscape and culture of Japan. You will be awestruck at the magnificence of the country’s panoramic landscape and mystic wonders.


Tokyo, the capital city, symbolizes the exquisite prominence of Japan in the world. It is one of the prominent places to visit in Japan. The city is adorned by a superb combination of world-class restaurants, amusement theme parks and historical buildings. The kids can spend a wonderful time at Disneyland and the DisneySea. The key attraction of Tokyo is the Skytree. It is a gigantic structure, ranking next to the famous Burj Khalifa of Dubai. There are plenty of shopping opportunities in the city, perfect to fulfill your purchasing spree. You must not miss visiting the famous eateries like the Sometaro, Tapas Molecular Bar and so on.


Shibuya is one of the busiest and popular places to visit in Japan. You will be amazed to witness the famous Shibuya crossing. It is believed that the city experiences an average of 2.8 million in a day. It is less at the weekend though because of the holidays in schools, offices, universities etc. The square near the crossing bustles with shops, selling wide varieties of items. You can also visit the Roppongi Hills in the city outskirts. Well, if you love parties and liveliness then you must wait to enjoy the nightlife at Shibuya. The city illuminates with sparkling lights and vibrant pubs.


If you want to spend some time in serenity, Kyoto is the place to visit. The town is one of the calmest places to visit in Japan. Surrounded by parks, gardens, meandering streams and palaces, it is a beautiful replica of a dreamland. The key attraction of the place is the magnificent Imperial Palace. A walk around the downtown is a heavenly experience, a perfect way to spend a day in complete relaxation. You must also plan to visit the Castle of Nijo and the Kiyomizu Temple.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the world-famous tourist destination of Japan. Its beauty is unparalleled. Witnessing the snow-clad mountain is a memorable experience to cherish forever. Adventure enthusiasts love the place as it provides a wide array of opportunities to fulfil their quench for their desire to explore. Trekking, hiking, rock climbing, skiing are some of the sports and fun-filled activities to be enjoyed at the Mountain. It is one of the most favourite places to visit in Japan among nature lovers and photographers.


Learning about history and its significant impact on the country is both thrilling and interesting. Hiroshima has witnessed the devastations of the atom bombs sparling. But surprisingly they have recovered and occupy a higher rank among the popular places to visit in Japan. The historic monuments and buildings symbolically represent the rich heritage of the city. You must visit the castle, memorial park and museum if you are eager to know about the detailed history of the city. Another attraction of the place is the shrine of Itsukushima.


Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, stands the town of Takayama. It provides you with an opportunity to experience the rustic charm of the countryside. The hamlet offers a tranquil environment, immersed in an atmosphere of solitude. If you wish to spend your weekend in peace and undisturbed, it is the ideal destination for you to visit. The city celebrates the upcoming of the spring by organizing the famous festival Sanno Matsuri.


Hakuba is especially renowned for hosting different types of winter sports. It is best to visit the city during the snowfall. Nested within the Alps mountain ranges of Japan, the place is an epitome of beauty. The snow-clad mountains beckon adventure freaks and sports lovers from different parts of the world. You can go for snowboarding, skiing, and hiking along the mountain slopes.


The city is specifically significant for the world-famous lake Kawaguchiko. The glittering waters of the lake at the backdrop of Mount Fuji presents a spectacular aura in the adjacent surroundings. Watching the sunrise and the sunset near the lake waters is an unforgettable experience. The place is also known for hosting the Shibazakura (pink moss) festival.


Hokkaido is a stunning town embellished with hot springs, ponds, volcanoes and parks. The entire place represents a fairy tale town, especially loved by the kids. If you are being accompanied by toddlers and young kids, then you must miss visiting this place. The little ones can enjoy a fun-filled day at the Asahiyama Zoo. They will also like to visit the different national parks in the town, providing ample space for playing different kinds of sports.


Yokohama is the place to witness the skyline of Japan. As the city illuminates at night, the entire environment sparkles and glows in brightness. It is specifically entertaining to walk across the Minato Mirai waterfront. The reflection of the lights on the waters spread an aura of surreal charm in the surroundings. You must surely visit Chinatown and Sea Paradise.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the best places to visit in Japan. The destinations will not leave you disappointed. You will be enticed to return once more to this wondrous country.

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